My First WordPress Blog


I have moved on from and have started my own blog at I don’t know what hit me but yesterday spent about Rs 4000/- and bought a domain name (yes in my name :) ) ) and spent more money in buying space to host my website on GoDaddy. I took the decision in about an hour after spending some time on GoDaddy, HostGator, SpeedHost (India based), BigRock (India based), Laughingsquid and a few others.

Why i chose GoDaddy? Seemed to me that they offered a better deal, yes they had a 1-click wordpress installation and they charged in INR. The last probably was the one that really did it for me. As for the India based ones, BigRock was the one i preferred but did not really investigate too much into stuff like where their data centers are. I did open a few of the websites that they cliamed were their customers and they did open a little slow. Could have been an issue with my internet connection but it probably played on my mind and in favor of GoDaddy. Find their ads vulgar though!

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  1. Kunaal says:

    Why did you move away from blogger?

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