In 2021, these are the Top 9 OpenCart Plugins You Should Use

OpenCart is one of the most popular solutions for both developers and company merchants when it comes to eCommerce development. Because OpenCart is feature-rich and specifically intended for eCommerce development, business merchants prefer to deal with an OpenCart developer. Developers prefer OpenCart because of the abundance of plugins and extensions that make development more efficient.

Meeting client expectations is an important aspect of successfully finishing a project, and OpenCart plugins and extensions may help a lot. Using the proper OpenCart plugins makes customizing, designing, developing, and making an eCommerce site customer-friendly much easier. However, selecting the right plugin among a large number of options based on the task or function is critical. You may learn about the top 9 OpenCart plugins available now by reading this post.


In 2021, the best OpenCart plugins will be available.


SEO PackPro (SEO PackPro):

This plugin adds to the optimization of a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s one of the most popular plugins on the market right now, and it can help you fulfill all of your optimization and SEO needs, making your site SEO-friendly. Developers may build meta titles, URLs, meta descriptions, keywords, and more with only a few clicks using SEO PackPro. It also includes capabilities such as smart SEO pagination, configurable product SEO fields, and automatic keyword development, among others.


Sorting for advanced users:

It’s a little plugin or extension that helps to extend the eCommerce platform’s basic sorting method. It expands the choices for sorting alternatives such as categories, goods, and all other web pages. It provides far more flexible and versatile sorting criteria, making it easier and faster for buyers to find the products they want.


Live Chat with Zopim:

Responding to clients swiftly or providing rapid service to them builds loyalty and keeps them engaged for a long time. The use of a live communication mode improves customer happiness and creates customer trust in the company. This feature is available through the Zopim Live Chat plugin for eCommerce sites. Developers may easily add a live chat option or launch a pop-up chat window on their website using this extension or plugin.


Discount on time off:

This OpenCart extension has a simple UI and several settings for regaining consumers who have attempted to leave your site. It has a multi-store capability that allows you to include pop-ups according to your needs.


Photos of customers:

This plugin allows developers to tag or add images of consumers, as well as what things they’ve purchased from your site and how they’re utilizing them. These photographs can help increase sales by giving prospective buyers a better understanding of the products and the website as a whole.


Include the following:

This is one of the most popular extensions for sharing content. It aids in the optimization of internet marketing by allowing customers to effortlessly share your site’s content across various social media networks. This extension adds in the rapid expansion of your business via social media networks.


Carts that have been abandoned:

Adding this extension to your OpenCart site will assist you in resolving issues with abandoned shopping carts. This plugin includes a function that allows you to send consumers reminders in the form of emails, along with a discount hook or coupon to entice them to return to your site and shop.


Quick Checkout with Ajax:

It is the most powerful OpenCart plugin for altering the checkout page of a website. It is a highly adaptable Ajax web technology-based addon that provides a faster, more streamlined, and secure way to complete the order.



I blog is an easy-to-use tool for fast publishing blogs and articles in OpenCart. SEO URLs, adjustable blog page names, categorization, Disqus comment integrations, and more features are included in this plugin.

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